What we do

Graphic Design refers to numerous artistic and professional disciplines. Dealing mainly in Visual Communication various methods are used to create and combine symbols, images and/or text to convey ideas or messages. Increasingly today this is used to promote or highlight a ‘mood’ or ‘feel’ for a product or service.

From road signs to textual schematics, graphic design enhances the transfer of knowledge.

In its purest form, Graphic Design starts with a logo, a collection of images, lines and text. This logo will symbolise your product, brand or service. This graphical device will appear on all of your products and materials. This branding is another skill of a Graphic Designer. The next phase is ‘getting you out there’. You can have the best message, product or service but if no one can see it, no one will ever know. This is when you need Marketing and Communications design.

Marketing and Communications design is one of the few things you spend on which you can measure the benefit. Marketing is an investment in future profits. Cut the investment and cut your profits. Your customers need to trust you, do not be tempted to cut quality, it will hurt your image. Good design usually costs less than bad design.

A survey published in Admap found creative design to have five times as much impact on profit as budget allocation. Make your marketing work harder and you will be more likely to persuade people to buy.

The Little Design Shop makes your budgets go further, using time-proven tips, techniques, plans and strategies. We work across all media platforms from business cards to web sites. The Little Design Shop listens to you carefully to help you plan, manage and succeed in your marketing and communications campaigns.

It is not all about corporate marketing and branding though. Graphic Design encompasses all things. From a one-off piece, poster, banner, or menu, to an annual marketing campaign, The Little Design Shop has the experience and capacity to cope. With a network of approved suppliers and the ability to procure almost any products or services The Little Design Shop has the ability to deliver.

The Little Design Shop – Think Big Design Shop – only smaller.

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